Kelmscott Manor

During our trip away we discovered that our site wasn’t too far from Kelmscott Manor, the Cotswold retreat of William Morris and Co. The Manor is only open a couple of times a week so we decided to reschedule a few things so we could fit it into our trip. It was certainly worth it, you can tell why William Morris liked the place so much, and why they were so creative in those surroundings.

The first part of our visit after leaving the car park was to visit the churchyard and see the grave of William Morris, it’s hidden away at the edge of the churchyard and took us a short while to locate.

Morris family grave

The walk up to Kelmscott Manor is a pleasant one, though I’m guessing the locals get frustrated when it gets really busy around there. We’d arrived early so we had a walk by the Thames first.

River Thames near Kelmscott.

We then wandered around the outside of Kelmscott Manor, the grounds and garden are very nice indeed, certainly worth getting their early to enjoy.

Once we got inside (you’re allocated a time slot to cut down on crowds), we could probably have spent all day in there looking around, the interior was one of the most inspiring houses I’ve visited.

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  1. Wow, this place is insanely beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sadly I only got to London four times but never made it to the English countryside. I think I have to catch that up soon.

    Greetings from another Hower.

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