For just a moment…

…I was surprised, maybe it was because I was a bit distracted and my mind had wandered to distant lands (or maybe they were distant Worlds, it’s hard to remember). My surprise came upon opening the refrigerator door and the light coming on, now I’ve been opening refrigerator doors for quite a long time now (not professionally I’m strictly an amateur door person) so why did the light coming on surprise me so much?

Perhaps it started on my morning walk, as soon as it was light enough to see the path I gathered up the dog lead, put my jacket on, plugged myself into the ipod* and set off. Venus was fairly high above the Pennines, mist filled the valley below me, and the Eastern sky was tinged with pink. Along the side of the path the grass had turned that odd grey/green colour it gets when it is covered with a light frost; ahead of me I could see the bunnies running away at the sight of Poppy (the dog) trotting about, at the side of me the fence rattles as a somewhat startled Deer jumps and bounds across the field. It’s almost the perfect morning walk, the only thing missing is Julie, who was doing that work thing that gets in the way of so many things πŸ˜‰

I lost track of time wandering in both reality and mind, thoughts of sketches I’ve yet to start, music I need to learn, and of course that short story which is still in rough draft semi legible note form. Returning home my mind was still well detached from reality, I wandered around the kitchen getting the cereals into the bowl on auto pilot, Mark Knopfler was still bending guitar strings in a way only he can do. Then I pulled open the refrigerator door for some milk, the light sprang to life and I took a step back in surprise, reality descended with a bump and I was back on Earth.

Thankfully the inspiration lingers on, and so, I’m off to sketch πŸ˜‰

*This morning I have been mostly listening to…

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